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• Environment Declaration (EMAS III)
• Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 / 14001
• Validation
• EMAS Registration Document
Our Policies on Quality and the Environment

1. We fully meet our customers' demands for product quality and strict adherence to delivery schedules.

2. The valid laws and regulations, as well as the conditions of our authorities are observed and adhered to. In case of doubt, we consult with the responsible authorities and neutral experts.

3. Thanks to reliable production planning and continuous quality control procedures (both during and after the production process) and the regular monitoring of our production plants, we ensure the quality of our products and our adherence to all legal regulations (and our own guidelines) concerning environmental protection.

4. We use energy and raw materials resources sparingly and work constantly towards reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials. We strive to reduce to an absolute minimum our emissions into the atmosphere, the amount of waste water we produce and our waste accumulation. Provided that this is necessary and cost-effective, we will also employ the modern technologies to achieve this end.

5. The environmental impact and compatibility of every new product and process are assessed in advance. In the case of the delivery of chemical basic materials, we also cater to the requirements of the market.

6. We take all necessary measures to reduce to a minimum any risk (caused by our business activities) to the physical health and integrity of our employees, our neighbours and the general public.

7. We treat our employees as partners in the implementation of our quality and environmental policies. They are trained to achieve a high level of competence and a solid sense of responsibility, enabling them to play an active role in our product quality assurance processes and to ensure the continuous improvement of our performance in the field of environmental protection.
8. We believe in - and actively practise - a policy of objective and transparent communication with the general public, our customers, our suppliers and the responsible authorities.

9. We observe and adhere to the basic principles of RESPONSIBLE CARE of the VCI, the German Chemical Industry Association.